Tuesday, November 11, 2014

MSR Windburner – Hanging Kit I

Several people have asked me if the MSR Windboiler will work with a hanging kit.  Yes, it will.   MSR sells a hanging kit specifically designed for the Windboiler.  The Windboiler's hanging kit wasn't available when I got my stove, but I thought I'd try a hanging kit intended for the Reactor.  It worked well.  If one already has the Reactor hanging kit, I'm not sure that you'd need to buy a Windboiler hanging kit although I'm sure it would be a better fit.

UPDATE 13 November 2014:  I spoke with someone at MSR.  MSR doesn't recommend using the Reactor hanging kit with the Windboiler.  Because the center of gravity will be quite high, they believe that there's a chance that the stove could invert.  I hope to get a Windboiler hanging kit when they become available and report on the differences.

UPDATE 27 November 2014:  I have now got the proper hanging kit.  See: Hanging Kit II

I've posted a photo below.  Obviously it's not a "big wall" climbing situation, but you get the idea. The point is that it works.
The new MSR Windboiler, suspended via a hanging kit.
Now, the Reactor's burner is wider at the base than the Windboiler's.  There's a little bit of clumsiness where the "elbows" fitted onto the cables come around the base of the Windboiler, but it really doesn't hurt anything.
The "elbows" on a Reactor hanging kit stick out a bit on a Windboiler.  It looks a bit odd, but it works just fine.
The pot which locks to the burner is extremely secure when used with a hanging kit.

There you have it:  A very brief report.  The Windboiler with a hanging kit:  It works.

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  1. Thanks Jim, for the added info on the hanging kit. I assume it is, like with the Reactor, possible to get the pot off while the burner and gas canister are still hanging. NIce when in a tent or a portaledge.

    1. Stefan,

      Yes. It's pretty easy to take the pot off and put the pot back on and lock it to the burner. It does take two hands, but it's very easy. And, yes, very handy for inside a tent or on a portaledge. Hammock campers may like the hanging kit as well.


  2. Hi my name is Larry,
    I had wanted to buy one but it was way too pricy for me and I dont know enough about the fuel consumption. How long does it take to come to full boil. the amount of time to boil is crucial. Less time to boil less fuel you use. that would be my concern. Also is it multi fuel. do you have to use fuel canisters ONLY or can you use liquid fuel from a msr bottle and pump.

    1. It takes about 2:20 to boil 500 ml in my experience. MSR's official figure is 2:30.

      This is a canister gas stove only.



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