Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Kovea EZ Eco – "Canisterless" Canister Stove

Last year, I wrote a review of the EZ Eco version of Kovea's Alpine Pot.  At the time, the EZ Eco was having some "technical difficulty."  Kovea did not market the product at that time and went back to the drawing board to work out some of the kinks based on my feed back.

A few months ago, they sent me a re-worked version.  I have reviewed the stove, and there is now a New Review of the Kovea EZ Eco on SectionHiker.com.

The stove I used in my review was sort of a pre-production version, the version they started selling in Korea before they started selling them here in the US.  Just after I finished my review, I got a production US version, with the same markings and color as the version now commercially available in US.  Naturally, it had to come a week or two after I had already written and submitted my review, lol, but other than the color and some other cosmetic changes, the stove I reviewed is the same stove as is now for sale in the US. I will include a couple of photos here of the production version just so you can see what it looks like and exactly what you will get if you buy one.
What's in the box?
Top, L to R:  Stove bag, pot, and lid
Bottom, L to R:  Cup, burner, and instructions
Between the instructions and the lid, notice the adapter.  See review for details.

Here's a top down look at the whole assembly.
Note the rubber band like "straps" to retain the lid.

OK, not a whole lot to see here, so head on over to Section Hiker and have a look at the full review.

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