Contact Me

Best:  The best way to contact me is via Facebook:
That's where to ask general questions, get stove advice, etc.

Alternative:  Don't have Facebook?  You can always leave a comment on a post that is related to your question here on the Adventures in Stoving blog.  I'm usually pretty good about responding.

Last choice You can send me an email, but unfortunately, I get so many emails from around the world that there's no way for me to respond to them all.  I am just a private individual with a family and full time job.  My email address is  hikin dot jim2 at gmail dot com, but like I say I probably will not be able to respond, and honestly, I'd rather conduct discussions on Facebook where whatever information I give out can help many people rather than just one.  So, unless it's something private that you can't really put out in the open on Facebook, please use Facebook.