Saturday, May 28, 2011

Soto Muka Stove (OD-1NP) -- Video Review

I've put together a video review on the new Soto Muka Stove (OD-1NP).   Soto clearly put a lot of time and effort into this new stove, and they've come out with a really nice product.  Have a look:

Interestingly, in Japan, the Muka is known as the SOD-371 whereas the stove is known as the OD-1NP in the United States. "Sod" has negative connotations in British English, so perhaps Soto decided to drop the "S" from their designator's prefix. I have no idea why they changed the number of the stove.

I do have one fairly significant concern about the stove.  The directions say that the stove should not be used in temperatures below -4F/-20C due to possible fuel leakage issues.  If you like to do winter backpacking or mountaineering, consider carefully what temperatures you may be faced with before you decide to use a Muka.

Overall, the Soto Muka is a very nice stove, but do make sure to stay within its recommended temperature range.


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Friday, May 13, 2011

(Gas) Stoves for Cold Weather II

Here's another article on gas stoves for cold weather. To me, this is an important article. This article discusses what type of canister gas stoves can be used in weather down to 0°F/-18°C. Yes, you read that correctly, down to 0°F/-18°C.  Now, before you read this article, you need to understand the basics of cold weather canister gas stove operation.   If you combine the techniques from the basics of cold weather canister gas stove operation with the type of stove discussed in my article, then you really can operate a canister gas stove down to 0°F/-18°C.

Click the photo:
An MSR Rapidfire Stove (a remote style canister gas stove)
Or click this link:
(Gas) Stoves for Cold Weather II


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