Thursday, December 29, 2016

Deal Alert! (Stove on Sale)

I'm going to depart from the normal here and put a commercial link in a blog post.  May my readers forgive me.

Please understand that I derive NO BENEFIT from this post nor if you make a purchase*. This is just a good deal I noticed.

UPDATE 30 December 2016:  I just noticed today that Campsaver has also placed the smaller but similar Amicus on sale as follows:
  • Version without ignition:  $32.
  • Version with ignition:  $36

Cold weather testing the WindMaster.
It's no secret that I consider the Soto WindMaster to be the best quality upright canister stove on the market today.  I believe I said as much in my review of the WindMaster.  It's wind resistant in a way other stoves of this class just aren't (well, except for its budget minded cousin, the Amicus), and it's a good balance of versatility, efficiency, and weight.  Not only that, it's just quality in every respect.
The Soto WindMaster
That said, Campsaver.com has the Soto WindMaster on sale for about $20 less than MSRP.  For your convenience here is a link:  Soto WindMaster on sale at Campsaver.

As far as I know, Campsaver is a reputable establishment.  Friends of mine have had good experiences.  However, note that I have never done business with them.  Caveat emptor.  This is information only; do with it what you will.

Simul-testing the WindMaster against a "control" stove.
The WindMaster is at left.
No matter the conditions, the WindMaster always came out ahead – while using less fuel.

I hope this is helpful to someone, and I do hope you will forgive the commercial intrusion on this, a site focused on what we do in our lives outside of work (well, unless you're a guide or something).


*Note to Campsaver if you happen to read this:  I can't be bought, but it wouldn't hurt you to try, now would it?  I like dark chocolate.  :)    Seriously though, Campsaver, I've been Jonesing like mad to have a look at one of those Optimus Polaris Optifuel multi-fuel burners.  Send me one, and I guarantee all other stoves will go on hold.  I will straight away review the Polaris.  I'm completely serious about this.  You can leave a comment below and I'll get an email and physical address to you forthwith.

Performance testing the Soto WindMaster against a "control" stove.
Note:  The individual in the photo is a highly trained stove professional.
Don't try this at home (seriously, go for a hike; you have a much better stove already in your kitchen at home).
Apologies for the waste generating food.  We got a free case because they were due to expire.

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