Thursday, November 22, 2018


Behold the blast-furnace beast:  The MSR XGK-EX:  powerful, simple, dependable.
The MSR XGK-EX doing what it does best:  Cranking out the BTU's
It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to do a stove review (work, family, studying, etc.), but the opportunity to review an XGK-EX came up, and it was with the Section Hiker blog, a blog with which I've had successful collaborations with in the past.  And, given that winter fast approaches, what better stove to review than a tried and true snow melter?

A bit of background
The XGK line of stoves from MSR really ushered in the modern stove era.  A lot of stoves prior to the introduction of the XGK line were good stoves but were heavy, vulnerable to wind, and because of their small fuel tanks, required the carrying of a separate fuel bottle for refilling.  The Model 9, the first stove in what became the XGK line, was a significant step forward in terms of design and technology.  Larry Penberthy, the founder of MSR, was a engineer with a gift for innovation who loved mountain climbing.  He just wasn't satisfied with the gear of his day and decided he could do better.  It was Mr. Penberthy, for example, who really introduced non-wooden handles on ice axes.  Prior to Mr. Penberthy, pretty much everyone was still using wooden handles on their ice axes.

The latest installation in the XGK line is the XGK-EX.  Without further ado, let me provide you with a link to the review on Section Hiker:

I hope you fine the review to be of interest.

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  1. Oh, goodness, I just have a question & I'm not on Facebook. I have a 70 year old G. Barthel Norma 10 stove lacking the valve shaft & knob. Any idea where to ask around to see who might have one?
    Good Jim


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