Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Butane Adapters II

In my last post, I took a look at one of the various butane adapters on the market.  In this post, I'd like to take a quick look at another type of butane adapter, the type with two legs as shown in the photo below.
A two legged butane adapter (lying on it's back)
This type of adapter has a larger hook that hooks onto the collar of the butane canister and a second, smaller hook that fits through the notch in the collar of the canister.
This type of butane adapter has a large hook (bottom) and a smaller hook (top).  The smaller hook fits through the notch in the collar of a butane canister.
To fit the adapter onto the butane canister, we turn the adapter 180 degrees from it's position as seen in the photo above, fit the large hook over the collar on the canister, fit the small hook through the notch, and rotate the canister approximately 1/16th turn to the right.  We then have something that looks like the below photo.  CAUTION:  There is no valve inside the butane adapter.  As soon as you put it on the canister, butane will start coming out.  For this photo, I used an empty canister.  In real life, attach the stove first, then attach the canister.
A butane two legged butane adapter fitted onto an empty butane canister. 
Now notice that unlike the butane adapter in my last blog post, this adapter has two legs.  This is good.  The two legs prevent the canister from rolling -- which could cause a very nasty flare.

You then hook the fuel hose from your gas stove to the adapter as shown below.
A butane adapter, attached to a butane canister with a stove's fuel hose attached to the adapter.
OK, so in the above configuration, you're all set to go.  Uh, except for one little thing.  These adapters are shoddy junk.  Yep, the legs are the right idea, but beyond that, the thing is junk.  They're loose and they rattle.  Worse still, they leak.  Nice legs, but there's no way that I can recommend these.  I've seen one of these that was fine, but every other one of them as been loose, shoddy junk.

Now, I got mine on eBay from a seller called Plus2City from Hong Kong.  Plus2City also appears to be behind a couple of other online sellers that sell this type of adapter.  All of the adapters from Plus2City and allied sellers appear to be worthless (or worse, dangerous) junk.  Maybe there's some other source that is producing good quality adapters of this type, but I haven't seen any yet.  Sorry to be so blunt, Plus2City, but clean up your act, and I'll put up a much nicer post.  What you're selling now is junk at best and dangerous at worst.

Butane adapters of this type are definitely not recommended.



  1. I think that Plus2City is closed for Chinese New Year. They don't have any current auctions.

  2. Nice tests, I have got som stuff from Plus2City earlier, and the quality has been reasonable.
    Last time, I bought a this:
    wich is banned in Norway because of safety reasons. Some minor modifications made it safe.
    You have to know what you are dooing when buying stuff like this, and you may get usless things.

  3. You're a brave man to buy that! But if you know what modifications to make, then I suppose it is OK.

    I've bought some spare fuel hoses from Plus2City, and they have been fine. The adapters, on the other hand, are just unsafe junk.


  4. The stove is banned in Norway, and formally in EU. The manual is Chinese only, and on the net they claim it to be able to run on kerosene. Running on kerosene will not work, due to the generator is not made for it. It has been some accidents due to leaks where the hose is connected to the stove. I solved this with some thread sealing kompound. (Loktite) The stove is pretty much equal to Brunton Lander. The legs are simpler, but rougher. The Lander manual may work well for the use of the stove.
    The stove has a great output, roars at least the double of the Optimus (Brunton) Nova.
    The flame spreader plate will not stay fixed after use, due to slightly heat deformation of the bell it is put on. Totaly it is quite much dual fuel stove for the money, and could probably be a great stove, I just cant tell why i dont like it, its not bad.
    It turned out to be new parts for my Old MSR Whisperlite. MSR could not supply parts, and I ended up with a stove better than new. (Still half the output of the chineese stove) Pictures may be seen here: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v480/dsk/Stove%20related/BRS%208/

  5. Hi, DSK,

    Ah. That's good if you've been able to pinpoint the problems with the Chinese stove. Chinese stoves (except Fire Maple brand) scare me. One never knows.

    I'll check out those Whisperlite photos.


    1. I believe it was related to the connection between stove and hose.

  6. Your picture is missing the tiny O-ring that seals the butane nozzle. It's pretty tiny, and I noticed that mine fell out. I put a very small dab of sillicone on it and re-insterted it, then left the adapter attached to a butane cannister for a couple of days just to make sure the O-ring stayed put. Without that O-ring, these would be very dangerous. I think that was your problem.


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