Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The New MSR MicroRocket -- Completed Review

If you've been following my blog at all, you know I've been evaluating the new MicroRocket stove from MSR.
The new MSR MicroRocket
As a part of that evaluation, I've put up a series of posts on the MicroRocket:
    The new MSR MicroRocket comes with a separate piezoelectric ignition 
    Well, I'm done with the evaluation, and my completed review is now available on Seattle Backpackers Magazine.  Hikin' Jim says "check it out."  :)

    The new MSR MicroRocket in the field
    Thanks for joining me on another Adventure in Stoving,



    1. Thanks for being the first with such thorough coverage of this stove! Out of curiosity, what's your favorite overall top-of-canister stove? Where does the Micro fit in that overall list of the ones you own?

    2. Hi, Brian,

      It's hard to say, I have 35 or 40 different top mounted canister stoves. I guess my top two would probably be the Snow Peak GS-100 GigaPower and the new MicroRocket. Both are excellent stoves. Hard to narrow it down any more than that.


    3. Thank you soo much for all the work that goes into writing up the reviews for others. Very beneficial in looking for a new stove & came across some that I didnt thin about, gotta look closer at the Snow Peak GS100 since you are such a fan. Serious thanks again!

    4. Hi, JDB,

      The GS-100 is a tremendous value in that it's a really good stove but is only $40. The only better values are the Kovea stoves on eBay.


    5. Hikin'

      Thanks for the post. I lent my Dragon Fly to the kids for car camping, but they could not make it work.
      I will pick up one of these on my next 20% off coupon.

      Thanks for the good reviews.



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