Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Financial Report

In the interests of transparency, the following is the financial report for Adventures In Stoving for the calendar year 2011.

Income from sales:        $0.00 1
Income from advertising:  $0.00 2
Income from donors:       $0.00
Other income:            $60.00 3, 4
Total Income:            $60.00

Expenses:                 Unknown but certainly greater than zero.

Net revenue:              Unknown5 since expense figures were not kept.  

All figures are shown in US dollars.


1  Adventures In Stoving doesn't sell anything.
2  Adventures In Stoving accepted no advertising in 2011.
3  Figure is approximate and represents non-monetary income.
4  Several manufacturers have sent me stoves or related items for testing.  In some cases, I have been allowed to keep the item after testing.  The retail value at the time of receipt is used.  The only item with a dollar value that I am aware of is an MSR MicroRocket stove with an MSRP of $60.  Pre-production, "beta" versions, experimental, and other such items are impossible to value and are therefore not included in this figure.
5  Given the cost of fuel and equipment, expenses certainly outweighed any income.  No salaries or wages were disbursed in CY 2011.  All work on Adventures In Stoving was done without compensation other than the intangible benefit of working with backpacking equipment in the outdoors.

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  1. I am very interested in why you don't have ads up? I have them on my page, and I make a few bucks here and there. I normally use ads for blogs that I frequent. You know I am always "shopping" to help out the neighborhood. Anyways, I see the result for ads is $0. Get those ads up there buddy. Lets get something started!

    Wallace - Supa Chef
    Hike, Bike, Dale!