Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Aluminum JetBoil Sol -- Trail Report #1 and Cooking Report #2

We had a little snow earlier in the week, but it was a beautiful day, so I decided to take the Adventures in Stoving team out on the trail.

The Adventures In Stoving team en route
Our destination?  Valley Forge Trail Camp on the West Fork of the San Gabriel River.
Valley Forge Trail Camp
Today's objective?  A little cooking on the aluminum version of the Jetboil Sol.

Many people seem to think that the only thing a Jetboil Sol is good for is boiling water.  I was pretty confident after filing JetBoil Sol -- Cooking Report #1 that I could cook real food on a Jetboil Sol.

So, let's get started.  First, let's lay out our tools and ingredients.
The fixin's for a first class omelette.  
Today, I'll be making a four egg cheese and salami omelette using an aluminum Jetboil Sol.  For cookware, I'll be using an MSR Blacklite pan.

Now, note the small metal pot support attachment just to the right of the eggs in the below photo.
Preparing the eggs before making an omelette.
With that pot support attachment, I can use any pot, pan, or kettle, not just a Jetboil specific pot or pan.  The universal pot support comes included when you buy a Jetboil Sol.

Here, I've emplaced the pot support on the Jetboil burner.
Pot support in place on a Jetboil Sol burner
With that pot support in place, I can then set my fry pan on top.
An MSR Blacklite pan on top of a Jetboil burner.  Note pot support attachment.
Now, I add my ingredients.
Eggs and other omelette ingredients cooking up on a Jetboil.
In short order, the eggs are coming along nicely.
An omelette, nearly done
There!  That looks about right.
Let's take it off the burner and have a look.
An omelette, very nicely done.
It turned out great!  And absolutely no trace of burning or sticking in the pan.
No burnt spots!
And the omelette itself?  Very nice and fluffy.
A nice, fluffy omelette.
And very evenly cooked.
The bottom of the omelette is cooked very uniformly
And the taste?  Excellent.  Every bit as good as an omelette cooked at home.
Highly delicious
And best of all, it really energized the Adventures In Stoving taste test team.  :)
Well fed, an Adventures in Stoving Taste Test Team member climbs to new heights
Concluding Remarks
Now, is the Jetboil Sol the best cooking stove I've ever seen?  No.  But it can be done, and not just in controlled conditions as in Cooking Report #1, but out in the field as shown here in Cooking Report #2.

The thing I notice is that the valve adjustment is danged tricky in the lower end of the range.  Like a race horse, the Jetboil Sol really wants to go, go, go.  You have to have a deft touch and a bit of patience to adjust the flame and get a nice low flame.  But adjust it will.

If you know anything about cooking a decent omelette, you know you need a balance on the flame.  Too low, and the omelette is flat rather than fluffly.  Boring!  Too high, and you'll get a dried out, leathery omelette, or worse, a burnt one.  But get the flame exactly right, and you'll have a fluffy, fabulous omelette.  I was able to strike such a balance with the flame on a Jetboil Sol.  Again, though, you have to have a bit of patience, and you definitely have to fiddle with the valve.  The valve adjustment is neither smooth nor continuous.

So, the Jetboil is able to do far more than just boil water, but you do need to practice a bit with it and have some patience.

I thank you for joining me on another Adventure in Stoving,


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    1. Nice Jim, Jet-Boil often gets a bad wrap from the uninitiated, but I love 'em


    2. Hi, Tom,

      Yes, the Jetboil is a very flexible system. I've been using various Jetboils since about 2007. They work well, and the gas savings are wonderful.


    3. I think its great your bringing your daughter out on your adventures. She will one day appreciate the great outdoors immensely. I have a japanese very good friend that started his daughter at this age in the outdoors as well as shooting guns. She now is a true outdoors-woman as well as a proficient marksmen with many firearms. Looking at her you would never think that but she is. Her father is really proud of her for respecting the outdoors. Once again thanks for the blog and stove reviews.

    4. Glad you're liking the blog.

      My daughter loves to get out with me. If I put on my hiking clothes she says "hiking! Let's go!" It's really cute.



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