Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aluminum JetBoil Sol -- Cooking Report #3

I did some fancier cooking in Cooking Report #1 and Cooking Report #2 -- but I didn't use the Jetboil Sol's "cup."  I used a nice MSR Blacklite fry pan.

So, what about the Jetboil Sol's cup?  Is it only good for boiling water?  Or can it do a little more?

I thought I'd find out.
An aluminum JetBoil Sol cup
So, time to try one of my old standard trail meals, ramen noodles with dried veggies.  For today's cooking, I'll be using an aluminum Jetboil Sol cup.
One of my typical trail meals, "Sapporo Ichiban" ramen noodles with dried veggies.  
OK, so I'll spare you the part about boiling the water.  It's safe to say that the Jetboil does just fine there.

Now, the instructions on these noodles say to first boil the water, then add the noodles, and then to cook these noodles over low heat for three minutes.  Low heat for three minutes?  Can the Jetboil do it?  Let's try.

OK, so in go our noodles.
Noodles simmering in a Jetboil Sol
Then let's mix in our dried veggies.
Noodles with veggies added
And then, let's cover and simmer for a while.  Getting a low flame on a Jetboil Sol is a bit of a trick, but it can be done.
Low flame on a Jetboil Sol
And three minutes later?
Nicely re-hydrated noodles and vegetables.  Yum!
Say, now that's not bad at all!  Why those noodles and vegetables are positively fluffy.  Nice!

And, best of all,
I encountered no burnt on food when simmering noodles for multiple minutes in a Jetboil Sol cup
No burning or sticking.  Nice!  :)

So, is the Jetboil Sol's cup able to be used for more than just boiling water?
Noodles prepared on a Jetboil Sol
Yes, I'd say the Jetboil Sol is up to the task.

Again, please note that I used the aluminum Jetboil Sol cup.  This report does not cover the titanium version.

Thanks for joining me on another Adventure in Stoving.


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    1. I think because its a mostly-water meal and the noddles and veggies tendency to float to the top and not stick to the bottom.

      So thanks, yes it can be done but it very much depends on the ingredients. I tried doing oatmeal, only once mind you. I still not scrubbed the burned bits of the bottom.

    2. Hmm. Oatmeal. Now there's a good suggestion. I'll have to try that.


    3. Many know I am not a jet boil fan. I dont like the pot system. I dont like they gimmicky colors and neoprene beer cozy but more than anything the price you pay for it and its proprietary pots to use with it. I believe these systems to be for the Early adaptors or ubber city folks that like to think they have the latest cool colored gadget to show off in camp. All until it fails them miserably in high altitudes or cant do much more than boil water. For one I am not a fan of a canister based system as you have pack those canisters out... 2nd Murphy's law always have you close to just being short on fuel in the canister so you have to take a 2nd one with you. Or just trying to figure out if that used canister is 1/2 full or 3/4 full? Also they canister fuel cans are pricey for long "Cook times" to cook a long 20 min meal you will go through them canisters pretty quick. I can always fill my white gas brass stoves with a tad more fuel or fill them full depending on my needs. My tanks on those stoves will easily last 1hr or more. Canister stoves just barely can come close to those cook times. If I do choose to use a canister fuel stove it would be for short 1 or 2 days at the most hikes or car camping. Not long trips. To me the jetboils got all the hype because they can boil water a mere 1min or 30 seconds faster than the other brands "Whoopie" if people are really all that excited about that much shorter of a cook time all the way out in the outdoors they really have their priorities messed up.. The whole point of being outdoors is to sit back and relax and enjoy. I would rather save my money and use it to bring a friend on the trip or buy a better sleeping accommodations.

      I just enjoy my old stoves much more and can they are more reliable as well as versatile.

    4. Well, I won't argue with you that old classics are more fun, but the Jetboil is a pretty capable stove which I think you'll realize if you read through all my posts on the subject.


    5. No problem Jim. Hey would you mind helping a hiker out here and telling me were I can find those "Bags" of "Just Veggies" ?? those look mighty good to doctor up many of meals that are someone what "Eeeh" you know what I mean.

    6. I get them at Trader Joes. They're really nice and really add something to plain dishes. Nice and light too.


    7. I should have known. Good Ole Trader Joe's They sure have some good stuff dont they. Reasonable prices to boot. I love the eccentric things they have there. Stuff you just cant find in other stores and for dirt cheap. Thanks for the info. Keep this site going as its very enjoyable.

    8. Isn't TJ's great?

      I'll do my best with the site, but if I get a job, I'll have to cut back a little bit on blogging.



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