Saturday, September 3, 2011

MSR Whisperlite Universal -- First Videos, Detailed Photos

I'm in the process of writing a review of the new MSR Whisperlite Universal stove.

UPDATED 10/4/2011I have written a review of the MSR Whisperlite Universal.

See also this related post which contains additional info on the new (for 2012) stoves from MSR.

The new MSR Whisperlite Universal

I'm still working on the review, but I've posted some rough videos. Don't be expecting slick production values, but if you're interested in the stove, these videos should be pretty informative.

MSR Whisperlite Universal -- First Look

Field trial: MSR Whisperlite Universal, running on canister gas.

Another video of running the MSR Whisperlite Universal on canister gas.

The MSR Whisperlite Universal -- changing from liquid fuel to canister gas:

MSR Whisperlite Universal -- Flip Stop:

I've also posted some detailed photos -- and commentary:

I'll have more to say after I get the stove out in the field, but I thought I'd give you some preliminary thoughts now.


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