Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kovea Enters the US Stove Market

Kovea is the best known brand that you've never heard of (if you're an American).  Kovea has been making high quality stoves and other gear for names like MSR and Snow Peak for some time.  I had heard of the Kovea name (and it's excellent reputation) from friends overseas.
The MSR PocketRocket (left) and the MSR MicroRocket (right), both commonly said to be made by Kovea for MSR
But Kovea has never sold stoves under it's own name in the US.  True, you could get them on eBay, but not from any US based retailer.
The Kovea Spider, a first class stove
Well, all that has now changed.  Kovea has announced it's first venture in selling its stoves (and other gear) directly in the US market through a collaboration with  The Gear House, a Colorado based retailer.  Other retail agreements may follow.  Among the interesting offerings is the Alpine Pot which appears to be Kovea's answer to the Jetboil.  I'd love to test one of those some time.
The Kovea Alpine Pot stove system

If you've read my recent review of the Kovea Spider, you'll know that Kovea is putting out good stoves at competitive prices.  I think Kovea is a stove company to watch.

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