Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Recently, I noticed that the MSR SimmerLite stove was no longer listed on the Cascade Designs/MSR website.

An MSR SimmerLite
Curious, I wrote MSR to ask if the SimmerLite had in fact been discontinued.  Here is the answer I received:
Yes, the SimmerLite has been discontinued. Sad to see it go, but it never saw the adoption it needed. It could become a collector’s item in short order, though; I still believe it’s one of the best white gas-only stoves you can get.
I echo that feeling.  I've always felt that the SimmerLite was a good basic white gas stove.  I say "basic" because irrespective of its name, it really doesn't simmer.  It's a water boiler/snow melter, but it's not a gourmet cook's stove.  I certainly found the SimmerLite to be at least as good as a WhisperLite, but the WhisperLite was of course $20.00 cheaper and had the same functionality.

OK, so it's not a gourmet cook's stove.  What it was though, was a very lightweight, very packable stove, certainly one of the lightest weight white gas stoves out there.  I'm sad to see it go.



  1. I purchased this stove years ago but it's been sitting for a few years. I loved how light and compact it was. So I decided to perform maintenance since I'll be using it in the coming weeks for a wilderness basic course. I had a hard time removing the fuel cable, I think the bend in the tube makes it difficult to maintain. It was almost even harder trying to insert the fuel cable. I had to use pliers to help force it through the tube. Did you ever have this problem?

  2. I have the same problem with cable thinking about using a bicycle cable wish I ahd not pulled it out any ideas please

  3. Just bought this at thiftshop hope to try it this summer


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