Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wood Fired Cooking II

In my last post on wood fired cooking, I cooked scrambled eggs and eggs over easy.  Well, scrambled eggs aren't exactly the trickiest dish to cook.  Don't get me wrong, I was very pleased to be able to cook scrambled eggs so easily on a wood fire.  Wood fired cooking on a Ti-Tri Caldera Cone is as easy as pie compared to cooking on an open fire.  But I thought I could do more.

Well, how about an omelet?  And not just any omelet, but a four egg omelet in a fairly small pan.   And why might the number of eggs matter?  Well, more eggs, means more thickness.  To get the eggs to cook evenly all the way through, I'm going to have to have the temperature pretty dialed in.  Not so easy, but let's give it a whirl.

So, once again, I let the wood burn down to mostly coals.  I put in my eggs, a little salmon, and some shredded cheese.  How did it go?

Actually, it went pretty darned well.
A four egg salmon and cheese omelet prepared on a wood-fired Ti-Tri Caldera Cone stove.
I was out on a two day back pack here in Henry Coe State Park, so the salmon was canned not fresh, but still, the omelet turned out fairly well.  The eggs were cooked but not burnt, the salmon was hot the whole way through, and the cheese was fully melted.

Best of all, take a look at the pan I used (far left in the below photo).
No sticking or burnt spots occurred when cooking the four egg omelet. 
No sticking and no burnt spots.  Nice!  And this was just a little cheap lightweight non-stick aluminum backpacking type pan.  No fancy cookware here; just some very basic stuff.

If I can properly cook a thick omelet without sticking or burning, then I think there are relatively few restrictions as to what one can cook on a wood-fired Ti-Tri Caldera Cone.  The more I use one, the more I like the Ti-Tri Caldera Cone.  The Ti-Tri Caldera Cone is fast becoming my #1 favorite stove.  For a guy with as many stoves as I've got, that's really saying something.

I thank you for joining me on another Adventure in Stoving,


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