Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kovea MoonWalker vs. MSR WindPro II -- Packability

I'm not quite ready to review either the Kovea MoonWalker or the new MSR WindPro II (look for my WindPro II review in the next couple of weeks), but I thought I'd let people at least have a look at the two stoves and take a quick look at their relative packability.

First the Kovea MoonWalker (also know as the Kovea Camp 4).
The Kovea MoonWalker (Kovea Camp 4) stove compared to a can of Coca Cola
Second, the MSR WindPro II.
An MSR Windpro II compared to a can of Coca Cola
Next, I thought I'd try putting a Kovea MoonWalker (Camp 4) into a Snow Peak 1000ml pot.  It fits just fine.
A Kovea MoonWalker in a 1000ml Snow Peak pot

Of course the real question is can I also fit a canister of gas in there?  As it turns out, you can.
A Kovea MoonWalker and a Snow Peak 110g canister of gas in a Snow Peak 1000ml pot
And how does the MSR WindPro II fit?  Well, it fits too although the MoonWalker was just a bit more compact.
An MSR WindPro II and a 110g Snow Peak canister in a 1000ml Snow Peak pot.
I also tried fitting a 220g canister of gas into the pot -- it didn't work with either stove.

Well, that's it for today.  Like I say, I'm not quite ready to publish reviews just yet, but look for a review of the WindPro II in a few weeks.

Thanks for joining me on another Adventure In Stoving,


Technical Appendix

Kovea MoonWalker    294g  10.37oz
MSR WindPro         193g   6.81oz  (not shown in above photos)
MSR WindPro II      187g   6.60oz

Interestingly, the WindPro II as measured on my gram scale at home is just a bit lighter (6g) than the old WindPro.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for this post.

    I want to buy remote canister stove. I've narrowed my choices to MSR WindPro and Kovea MoonWalker. It's nice you have both :)

    The MSR seems bulky with its huge burn head. In addition it seems less stable (narrow stance of legs as opposed to moon walker)

    Which one do you prefer?

  2. Hi, Greg,

    Did you happen to find my site through lametayel? I tried to post the information there but couldn't overcome the language barrier.

    I just got the MoonWalker and haven't ever used it, so I haven't formed a full opinion. The MoonWalker looks really good -- solid, and it is very compact when folded. However, it's a little on the heavy side (over 100g heavier).

    I'll be firing it up soon and will post more info as time permits.


  3. Any updates regarding the windpro 2 review? I'm actually interested in how it compares to the whisperlite universal when comparing cannister operation only. I get the multi-fuel advantage, but is one more stable with better pot support? Is one actually better at cooking with the different burner designs? I have seen the side by side picture you took, but can only make guesses from that. Thanks.

  4. Tom,

    The WLU is going to support pots that are a little bit bigger, but if you're just going to be using canister gas, I'd go for the WindPro II. The WindPro is going to be fine on all but the biggest pots, and the WindPro is lighter and more compact.

    However, the WLU has more power, so that might be a consideration if you were doing a lot of snow melting.


  5. Funny is the Moonwalker a new stove? It is an exact kopie op the Vaude "Spider" (made by Markill).


  6. Wim,

    The Moonwalker has been around for several years. I don't know the specifics in this case, but many gas stoves are made in either Korea or China and then sold in the US, Australia, Japan, and Europe under a European label. A version of the stove may be available in one country under one label and under another label in a different country. For example in the United States, MSR sells the Micro Rocket. Elsewhere the Kovea Flame Tornado is available. They are both in reality produced by Kovea in Korea. The label on the box is the only real difference.

    I don't know that this is specifically true in the case of the Vaude Spider vs. the Kovea Moonwalker, but *probably* they are both the same stove and both produced in Korea by Kovea. Likely, the only real difference is the label on the box. I suspect one box says "Vaude" and the other says "Kovea" but the stove in the box is the same.